November 3rd, 2007: The entire Kind of Intrinsic album is now available on Apple's iTunes and RealNetwork's Rhapsody.

October 1st, 2005: New Flying Cube site Launched! - Rafe's commercial channel for his creative output. Check it out!

February 25th, 2005: CubeTunes Launched! - Rafe's music is now available via internet radio at CubeTunes. Listen to Kind of Intrinsic, Misplaced Appliances by the Things Quartet, and a collection of electronica music by Rafe called Evil Twin Cometh. Check it out!

February 14th, 2005: All Things Considered played a snippet of the tune "Kind of Intrinsic" during their February 14th episode.

October 27th, 2004: All Things Considered played a snippet of "Weekend with Othello" during their October 27th episode.

April 29th, 2004: All Things Considered played a snippet of "Business Reply Mail" during their April 29th episode.

February 16, 2004: It looks like All Things Considered played a snippet of "Weekend with Othello" during their Feb. 9th episode. Check out the other times that they played snippets from the CD during the show.

January 15, 2004: A new year is upon us, and with the new year comes a new CD! It was recorded with Jim, Max, & Matt who were also on Kind of Intrinsic. Since this project was more of a group thing, we put the Things Quartet name on the cover. It's called Misplaced Appliances. Please contact Rafe to purchase a copy.

December 15, 2003: Well, it looks like has shut down and closed it's doors, so the tracks mentioned previously are no longer available.

August 4th, 2003: All Things Considered played a snippet of "Weekend with Othello" during their August 4th episode.

April 27, 2003: Tracks from the CD are now available as MP3 downloads on!

Mar. 4, 2003: Tracks from the CD are now available as MP3 downloads on!

Feb. 5, 2003: The CD is now available for purchase on!

Dec. 27, 2002: Here are the latest links to the song listings for All Things Considered. The most recent one is a snippet of "Weekend with Othello" from the Dec. 9th episode. It was also played during an earlier episode on Nov. 18th.

Dec. 9, 2002: Not much new since the last installment. An Intrinsic foot soldier has reported that another snippet from the CD was played during today's episode of All Things Considered. If and when they post the song listings from the show, we'll set up a link.

September 9, 2002: It's been a while since the last entry (again!). That's because it's been a busy summer! As you probably already know, the group that Rafe has been playing with, the Things Quartet, had a full performance schedule for the past couple of months. They also just finished laying down tracks for a new CD last month. It will hopefully be out by the end of the year.

The other big news is that a snippet from one of Rafe's tunes, "Joteve," from Kind of Intrinsic, was played during an airing of the nationally syndicated radio show All Things Considered on National Public Radio! Check it out!

June 29, 2002: In addition ordering copies of the CD online, you may also order copies of the sheet music heard on the CD at the web site for Flying Cube Productions.

May 28, 2002: You may now order your very own copies of the CD online with your credit card! We also accept payments using PayPal personal accounts. Check it out!

April 23, 2002: It's been a while since the last update. That's because we've been focusing on getting more gigs! The Things Quartet has been playing almost every other weekend since March. During the last gig at the Contented Cow, one of Rafe's mentors, Nick Keelan, from Lawrence University made a surprise visit along with a classmate of Rafe's, Ryan Korb. It was a very pleasant surprise!

Mar 3, 2002: The Iowa February Thaw Mini-Tour proved to be a big hit. The CD Release Party was a lot of fun playing to a crowd that filled every table! Dr. Bob's Party found people dancing to the our infectious grooves found on tunes like "By the Case". Dr. Bob even pulled a fast one on Rafe and used "By the Case" in his stage production of the play J.B. What a great surprise! A big thanks to all of those involved in helping to make the weekend such a raving success!

Feb 4, 2002: We finally scheduled a CD Release Party to celebrate all of our hard work in the making of Kind of Intrinsic. This one is going to be held in Rafe's home town of Des Moines, IA. It should be a great time. We're hoping to have another one in the Twin Cities sometime in the future if time permits.

Dec. 17, 2001: The CD's have arrived! Seven months in the making. They are available for order online. Please feel free to sample a few of the tracks.


Where are the gigs?!! None on the horizon for now. Please check back again soon.

Please feel free to visit the Bio Info page to view past performance venues.


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